takeAIM Mentoring Scheme

We have set up a nationwide mentoring network to provide guidance and support to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Acute Internal Medicine.

Feel free to contact your local mentor about any issue relating to a career in AIM.

Topics can include how to boost your CV, Audit or Quality Improvement Project ideas or how to gain more exposure in Acute Internal Medicine in your area. 

Alternatively you can also fill out the queries form at the bottom and one of the takeAIM fellows can help point you in the right direction. 


AIM Mentors
Mentor Email Address
1) North East LETB (Northern)
Dr Khin Nyo nyokhinzar@gmail.com
Dr Anna Mushi amushidr@yahoo.com
Dr Kay Protheroe proth2006@hotmail.com
Dr Kate Armitage k.e.armitage@doctors.org.uk
Dr John Craig johnrcraig@hotmail.com
Dr Lynsey Threlfall ladytruffle10@gmail.com
2) North West LETB (Mersey & NWN)
Dr Omer Khanzada (Mersey) omerkhanzada@yahoo.com;
Dr Karen Fay (Mersey) karenfay@doctors.net.uk;
Dr Patricia Cunningham (Mersey) pcunningham4@nhs.net
Dr Kyri Paroutoglou (Manchester) kparou@gmail.com
3) West Yorkshire
Dr Adrian Kennedy Ade.kennedy@googlemail.com
Dr Elizabeth Dodds elizabeth.dodds@outlook.com
4) South Yorkshire
Dr Lucy Peart lucy_peart@fastmail.fm
Dr Richard Hopkins hopkins2231@gmail.com
Dr Saud Ghazi dctr_sd@yahoo.com
5) East Yorkshire
Dr Abbas Ashraf abbas.ashraf@nhs.net
6) West Midlands (WMD)
Dr Paarul Prinja paarul.prinja1@nhs.net
Dr Adam Seccombe dr.seccombe@doctors.org.uk
Dr Joe Wheeler jwheeler@doctors.org.uk
7) East Midlands (EMD)
Dr Mohsin Zaman Mohsin.zaman@uhl-tr.nhs.uk
Dr Habib Zyed dr.hzaidi@gmail.com
8) East of England (EoE)
Dr Lauren Hoare l.g.hoare@gmail.com
9) South West (Pen & Sev)
Dr Manish Kapoor (Severn) Drmkapoor74@doctors.org.uk
Dr Zoe Jones zjones27@gmail.com
Dr Christopher Williams williamschristopher@hotmail.com
Dr Nerys Conway nerys.conway@doctors.org.uk
Dr Seren Williams seren.m.williams@gmail.com
Dr Paul Davies (GP with AIM interest) Paul.davies10@nhs.net
Dr Nigel Lane (AIM consultant) nige_lane@hotmail.com
Dr Katherine Mellor (Peninsula) Mellorkatherine@yahoo.com
10) Thames Valley (OXF)
Dr Mridula Rajwani Mridula_rajwani@yahoo.com
11) North West London
Dr Sanjay Krishnamoorthy skmoorthy@doctors.net.uk
Dr Kathleen Bonnici kathleen.bonnici@googlemail.com
Dr Katie Bell katieann1979@gmail.com
Dr Amber Hawksley a.hawksley@nhs.net
Dr Rathai Anandanadesan rxa170@doctors.org.uk
12) North Central and East London
Dr Richard De Butts richdebutts@hotmail.com
Dr Tamina Khan tamkhan00@yahoo.co.uk
Dr Lillis Ashling ashlinglillis@icloud.com
13) South London
Dr Charlie Masterton-Smith c.a.masterton-smith@doctors.org.uk
14) Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS)
Dr Shuaib Quraishi dr.shuiabquraishi@gmail.com
Dr Andy Brereton andy_koala@hotmail.com
Dr Nick Smallwood nick.smallwood@gmail.com
15) Wessex
Dr Carl Heffernan carl.heffernan@gmail.com
Dr Gordon Morrison g.morrison@doctors.net.uk
Dr Robert Willington robertwillington@yahoo.co.uk
16) Scotland
Dr Innes Young innes.young@nhs.net
Dr Will Rutherford will.rutherford@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Alex McDonald alexander.mcdonald@nhs.net
17) Northern Ireland
Dr Richard Young ryoung07@doctors.org.uk
18) Wales
Dr Madhu Kannan kannanm@doctors.org.uk

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