Our third national one day conference took place in Bristol on Saturday 26th November 2016. The day was a huge success with a great mix of fascinating talks and small group sessions. 

Below you can find selected presentations from the day as well as a list of poster presentations. 


  1. Welcome to Bristol

    takeAIM Fellows
  2.  Neurology on the AMU

    Dr Geraint Fuller – Consultant Neurologist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust

  3.  Dealing with abnormal electrolytes

    Dr Matthew Oldfield - Consultant Endocrinologist, Kingston Hospital, London
  4. Acute Internal Medicine - What's it all about? - See careers section

    takeAIM Fellows
  5. Acute Liver Disease

     Dr Chris Roseveare - Past President of The Society for Acute Medicine, Editor Acute Medicine Journal and Consultant in AIM & Gastroenterology, Lymington Hospital, Hampshire
  6. Psychiatry on the AMU

    Dr Sean Cross - Consultant Psychiatrist, Kings College Hospital, London
  7. Delirium on the AMU

    Dr Allen Wilson - ST7 Geriatric Medicine, University Hospital Wales, Cardiff
  8.  Masterclass - ECG Interpretation - Presentation not available

    Dr Rhid Dowdle - Retired Consultant Cardiologist, South Wales 
  9. Masterclass - Radiology at the Front Door - Presentation not available

    Dr Edward Walton - Radiology Fellow, Bristol Royal Infirmary
  10. Masterclass - Clinical Priortisation & Problem Solving - Presentation not available

    Dr Amanda Barclay - Consultant in AIM, Herefore County Hospital
Dr Nigel Lane - Consultant in AIM, North Bristol NHS Trust



Case Reports

CR 1 -  Harriet Young - A Case Report: The Balancing Act

CR 2 - Elena Purcaru - A rare case of Hypertensive Encephalopathy leading to multiple cerebral infractions

CR 3 - Jonathan Cleaver - A Rare Case of Macrophage Activation Syndrome

CR 4 -  William Marshall - A unique case of acute myocardial infarction and the lessons to be learned

CR 5 - Agalya Sivakumar - Acute on chronic confusion

CR 6 - Cristina Tofi - Adherence to cellulitus treatment guidelines in an Ambulatory Care Centre: a retrospective analysis

CR 7 - Elizabeth Routledge - An uncommon presentation of accelerated hypertension with acute kidney injury

CR 8 -Jonathan Looms - Bouncing onto the AMU: Minor trauma as a trigger for cervical dissection

CR 9 - Emma Walker -Central Venous Sinus Thrombosis

CR 10 - Jonathan Looms -Choking on Coke: Type 1 Respiratory Failure post-cocaine inhalation

CR 11 - Shradha Bhagani - Duodenal variceal bleed: an unusual cause of upper gastrointestinal bleed and a difficult diagnosis to make.

CR 12 - James Orr -Hypertensive Emergency in a Critical Care Setting: Case Report

CR 13 - Helena Wace - Infective endocarditis post catheter ablation – an unusual complication in a pre-disposed individual

CR 14 - Gabriella Shanks - Interstitial lung disease: difficulties in acute diagnosis

CR 15 - Rosanna Tucker - Mind the Gap: Ketoacidosis, Euglycaemia & the Anion Gap

CR 16 - Eleanor Jones -Paralysis in Pregnancy: An interesting case of sudden onset bilateral limb weakness

CR 17 - Chelcie Jewitt -Pyrexia of Unknown Origin: CMV Reactivation in a Previously Immunocompetent Patient

CR 18 - Tim Robbins -Subclavian Stenosis: Inappropriate Fluid Resuscitation in the Acute Setting

CR 19 -  Anneka Varma - The treatment of occupational lead poisoning with succimer

CR 20 - Sehrish Khan -Time is Brain but don't miss the neck pain!  Spontaneous cervical epidural haematoma: a rare yet important Stroke mimic

CR 21 -  Megan Brocken - To kill or to be killed - A state of immune deregulation


Research Posters

R 1  -  Anand Tana -Is a lack of knowledge of guidelines leading to the over-treatment of urinary tract infections in the elderly?

R 2  -Rosanna Tucker -Simulation Training in Acute Medicine: A Systematic Review


Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

A&QI 1 - Rohan Kandasamy - An Audit of PE Diagnosis, Management and Follow-up

A&QI 2 - Anahita Moeen - An audit on Metformin in contrast CT imaging

A&QI 3 - Andreas Yiangou -Assessing the impact of the application of Canadian clinical decision rule for investigation of headaches for Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

A&QI 4 - Areej Al-Douri -Closing the Loop: Prescribing High Dose Statins Safely in Acute Coronary Syndromes

A&QI 5 -  Mike Adamson - Deteriorating patients - an evaluation of care for patients who require a 2222 review

A&QI 6 -  Ahalya Parthasarathy - Development of guidelines for the management of headache in the Ambulatory carecentre at Royal Derby Hospital based on a retrospective study

A&QI 7 - Priya Patel - Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly

A&QI 8 - Jenny Pooley - Ensuring appropriate, timely follow up of acute medical admissions

A&QI 9 - Emily Ward - Flow through the discharge lounge: a QI project to trial implementation of discharge stickers

A&QI 10 - Anjali Rampersad - Improving Discharge Summaries in the Intermediate Care Setting

A&QI 11 - Jing Ming Yeo - Improving initial investigation of hyponatraemia

A&QI 12 - Huma Omer - Improving the diagnosing and management of headache

A&QI 13 -  Ramesh Nadarajah - Improving the waiting time for clerking on the acute medical take through better out-of-hours staffing levels

A&QI 14 - Jonathan Cleaver - Near-peer-led teaching programme for Medical Students

A&QI 15 - Viren Ahluwalia - Optimal Cannula Management: A Complete Audit Cycle

A&QI 16 - Catherine Rowan - Quality Improvement Project: Access to lumbar puncture equipment in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

A&QI 17 -  Richard O'Sullivan - Redesigning the Cardiac Chest Pain Pathway in an Emergency Care Hospital. Are we over-referring patients to Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics?

A&QI 18 - Jonathan Holden - Safe prescribing of Rapid Tranquillisation Medications

A&QI 19 - Sarah Hutchinson - The Use of Age-Adjusted D-Dimer to Rule Out Pulmonary Embolism