Long train journeys and exciting plans for the future...

Hallo again!  

It's been a while since any of us blogged on here (not that we have a huge readership as yet!) but we have been beavering away in the background... 

Today the take AIM fellows met up to finalise our plans for our up and coming conference on 11th June in Birmingham (coming together nicely if I say so myself!) And to put some plans together for the future.. 

Its exciting, if a little mind boggling, when we think of what we have managed to achieve since August last year and how much further we still have to go with expanding our message across the UK. I'm not sure many of you know but this project has really only been planned for a 12 month period. Where we take it from here is the exciting bit...so much potential!  

Focusing on the present though the week starting the 11th June (yes I know that's a Saturday and you don't normally start the week with that, but why not?!) marks the start of an acute medicine themed week across the country.  

Our 2nd take AIM conference is on the 11th, this is followed by acute medicine awareness day on the 14th, followed by our Welsh take AIM session on the 15th, followed by (if you aren't exhausted by now!) our all important society of acute medicine benchmarking audit (snappily nicknamed SAMBA and therefore should entail at least a little bit on dancing on the day in my opinion!) on the 16th that acute medicine units take part in across the whole of the U.K!  

Told you we'd been busy!  

If you haven't already signed up to our conference on the 11th what are you doing?! Get on board! And if are interested in any of these events just ask us or your local,friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man....wait sorry, wrong gimic....your local friendly neighbourhood acute medic! There are plenty of us around you know.... 

look forward to seeing you all in Birmingham! Zoe  



Busy Bees!

So, it's been rather busy lately!  

Its all systems go at the take AIM team as we hear up for our next national conference on the 11th June plus continue with our machinations to get local take aim sessions to a hospital near you! As Paarul said we've got our next one kindly being organised by our colleagues in Belfast which will run a day before our society of acute medicine national conference on the 4th may. This will give those of you in Northern Ireland a chance to learn more about acute medicine locally, what the training is like, and what the rest of the U.K. is up to too!  

We are also in the process of trying to organise local take AIM sessions in Wales and Scotland plus the other areas of England we haven't made it to yet!  

In addition to all of this (plus our jobs!) we've got many other plans in motion to help raise the profile of acute medicine and get the word out to everyone....so I wasn't lying when I said we were busy little bees!  

Watch this space people

bzzzzzzzz! 😀 


takeAIM does Belfast!

The takeAIM team have been busy.  Booking has opened for our 2nd National Conference in Birmingham on 11th June 2016....we hope to see lots of you there

We are also busy working with our colleagues in Belfast for takeAIM Sessions - a regional event for those of you in the area.

It will be held on 4th May 2016 @Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 18:00 start

Spread the word.... we hope you can make it



takeAIM Birmingham Programme

Below is the finalised programme for our 2nd National Conference being held in Birmingham on Saturday 11th June 2016.

Booking is NOW OPEN. Delegate fees are £50 and include lunch and refreshments. 


Provisional Programme

08.45 Registration - Meet and Greet

Coffee and refreshments available

09.00  Welcome to Birmingham

takeAIM Fellows

09.10  Toxicology on the AMU

Dr Stephen Gulliford - Consultant Acute Physician with an interest in toxicology, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

09.40 The sick respiratory patient on the AMU

Dr Clare Lynch – StR In Respiratory and General Internal Medicine, West Midlands

10.10 Haematological problems on the AMU

 Dr Georgina Mayer – StR in Haematology, West Midlands

10.40 Break and Poster Viewing

11.00 Dealing with Acute Kidney Injury on the AMU

Dr James Shawcross – Acute medicine and renal consultant, associate clinical director at Cumbria Royal Infirmary

11.30 Syncope on the AMU

Dr Allen Wilson – StR in Geriatric and General Internal Medicine

12.00 Acute Internal Medicine and the NHS

Dr Sue Crossland – Consultant Acute Physician, Bradford Royal Infirmary and Treasurer for the Society for Acute Medicine

12.25  Careers in Acute Internal Medicine – Ask the SpRs

13.10 Lunch and poster viewing

13.50 Masterclasses (3x50min sessions) 

Radiology on AMU

Speaker tbc

Echo and Ultrasound - Practical session

AIM Consultants and StRs

Clinical reasoning & Cognitive bias

Dr Nicola Cooper - Consultant Acute Physician & Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Derby Teaching Hospitals 

16.50  Closing Remarks and Prize Winners

17.00 Close


Acute Internal Medicine - the whole spectrum

I have had a great few days at work in Brum.  I was the on-call Medical SpR a few days ago, when an interesting case came in.  A young woman was short of breath and was in shock.  My colleagues in ED though she may have been septic from a chest infection or have a Pulmonary Embolus.  I decided to perform an echo, which demonstrated clot in the Right ventricle, after further tests and careful discussion with the patient and her family– she was thromboysed to good effect.  A happy patient and happy team!


After a well deserved Nespresso® (teamAMU have found a small corner in the AMU for a coffee machine – its saves a trek down to the coffee shop!) I supervised the training of some of our fantastic ACPs (Advanced Care Practioners)


Over the last few years, we have welcomed new members to teamAMU. ACPs and Physician Associates provide great care and being involved in their training has been a privilege. 


A day later, I was able to catch up with some good friends at a training day, where we received a thought provoking talk on how to approach the dying patient on AMU.   As Acute Physicians, it is something we encounter often and it is vital to communicate a sound plan to the patient and family.  Making ceiling of care decisions as well as addressing the concerns and queries of both patient and family at the front door, can significantly improve the patient’s journey.


It was hard for Joe and I to sit still during the afternoon lectures. We were excited and slightly nervous about the takeAIM Session that was to follow.  It was fantastic to see so many young and enthusiastic faces at our regional event, although I gained a few grey hairs when the pizza failed to arrive on time!


So after a busy but fun-filled week, I am looking forward to a weekend off…. (I must remember to book in for a cut and colour!)




So tomorrow sees our mass takeAIM Sessions events with simultaneous events happening in Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford and Newcastle!

After the success of last week's London event we are very excited!

If you are attending the Newcastle event, unfortunately there has been a last minute change of venue. The video link session will now take place at James Cook Hospital Education Centre rather than the original advertised North Tees Hospital. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

For those of you who are attending tomorrow we are holding a social media competition. The top delegate to tweet/post on Facebook with the tag #takeAIMSessions will win a place to our next one day national conference in Birmingham this June!

On calls, simulation training and errant couches

So I have been back to medicine for a couple of weeks now and I can say I am back with a bang!  

I am currently sitting furtively drinking and large cup of coffee in what passes for our doctors office (cupboard) having a much needed 5 mins break while being on call. I have been on long day medical registrar cover all week now and by day 4 I will admit even a die hard acute medicine fan such as myself is beginning to feel the strain!  

Mind you, despite the 4 long days, endless GP calls, complicated cardiac arrest calls and patients stacking up in corridors with no beds, I've still loved it! I've done all sorts of stuff this week...champagne lumbar punctures (no one gave me a bottle of champagne by the way), external cardiac pacing, diagnosed a Renal tubular acidosis type 4, and even acted as a secretary for a stressed out neurosurgical registrar fielding three phone calls at once!  

Its been great it really has, but don't get me wrong, I now need some rest (which I won't get just yet as I'm still on call and need to do some simulation teaching tomorrow for our CMT trainees and then head off to London on Saturday for the RCP careers day!) In the midst of this I have had the most trouble organising an examination couch for our take AIM session next week! You would be surprised how difficult it is to get one! But, success (I think!) and I am looking forward more than ever to next week in the knowledge that out take AIM session is happening in London as I write! 

I'm also pleased as I've just managed to cajole one of my SHOs into coming to my event next week! (She's always intended on coming before you panic...she just hadn't signed up yet!) 😀 

Must sign off! Got work to do!