On calls, simulation training and errant couches

So I have been back to medicine for a couple of weeks now and I can say I am back with a bang!  

I am currently sitting furtively drinking and large cup of coffee in what passes for our doctors office (cupboard) having a much needed 5 mins break while being on call. I have been on long day medical registrar cover all week now and by day 4 I will admit even a die hard acute medicine fan such as myself is beginning to feel the strain!  

Mind you, despite the 4 long days, endless GP calls, complicated cardiac arrest calls and patients stacking up in corridors with no beds, I've still loved it! I've done all sorts of stuff this week...champagne lumbar punctures (no one gave me a bottle of champagne by the way), external cardiac pacing, diagnosed a Renal tubular acidosis type 4, and even acted as a secretary for a stressed out neurosurgical registrar fielding three phone calls at once!  

Its been great it really has, but don't get me wrong, I now need some rest (which I won't get just yet as I'm still on call and need to do some simulation teaching tomorrow for our CMT trainees and then head off to London on Saturday for the RCP careers day!) In the midst of this I have had the most trouble organising an examination couch for our take AIM session next week! You would be surprised how difficult it is to get one! But, success (I think!) and I am looking forward more than ever to next week in the knowledge that out take AIM session is happening in London as I write! 

I'm also pleased as I've just managed to cajole one of my SHOs into coming to my event next week! (She's always intended on coming before you panic...she just hadn't signed up yet!) 😀 

Must sign off! Got work to do!