Back to medicine and loving it!

So It's that time of year again for changeover  (not everyone obviously) and I have moved out of the ICU bubble and back into acute medicine! Home! 

I can't tell you how great it feels to be back doing what I love! As sad some people might feel it is I genuinely don't get the same kick out of anything else like I do doing acute medicine. Last year I did what's termed my "specialities" year. This meant I worked three seperate medical specialities; cardiology, respiratory and geriatric medicine to gain more general medical experience. It was great and I learnt loads but I always looked forward to my "on calls" far more than I suspect alot of medical registrars ever did. Because I got to do acute medicine (of course being on call is not what we do on a day to day basis in acute medicine but managing the unselected take while being the "med reg" on call was as close as I was getting that year.) I've always loved that bit of my job, although it comes with its own stresses it can be extremely rewarding! 

During the past two days back on acute medicine I've got to talk to patients, take histories and examine people and you'd be surprised how much I had missed doing that while working as an intensivist! The diagnostic challenge is something I really enjoy and no where else do you get to be on the front line, seeing patients for the first time and working out what's wrong with them. I  am looking forward to the next few months!

In other news we are all working hard organising the take AIM session evenings that are coming up in the next month. Although we all have alot on our plates (and very varied, large plates they are too!) we can't wait to get you all in a room to be able to talk to you all face to face about what we do and why we think you should do it to! Have a look at our other section of the take AIM website for more info on your local session and come and see us!