Acute Internal Medicine - the whole spectrum

I have had a great few days at work in Brum.  I was the on-call Medical SpR a few days ago, when an interesting case came in.  A young woman was short of breath and was in shock.  My colleagues in ED though she may have been septic from a chest infection or have a Pulmonary Embolus.  I decided to perform an echo, which demonstrated clot in the Right ventricle, after further tests and careful discussion with the patient and her family– she was thromboysed to good effect.  A happy patient and happy team!


After a well deserved Nespresso® (teamAMU have found a small corner in the AMU for a coffee machine – its saves a trek down to the coffee shop!) I supervised the training of some of our fantastic ACPs (Advanced Care Practioners)


Over the last few years, we have welcomed new members to teamAMU. ACPs and Physician Associates provide great care and being involved in their training has been a privilege. 


A day later, I was able to catch up with some good friends at a training day, where we received a thought provoking talk on how to approach the dying patient on AMU.   As Acute Physicians, it is something we encounter often and it is vital to communicate a sound plan to the patient and family.  Making ceiling of care decisions as well as addressing the concerns and queries of both patient and family at the front door, can significantly improve the patient’s journey.


It was hard for Joe and I to sit still during the afternoon lectures. We were excited and slightly nervous about the takeAIM Session that was to follow.  It was fantastic to see so many young and enthusiastic faces at our regional event, although I gained a few grey hairs when the pizza failed to arrive on time!


So after a busy but fun-filled week, I am looking forward to a weekend off…. (I must remember to book in for a cut and colour!)