Busy Bees!

So, it's been rather busy lately!  

Its all systems go at the take AIM team as we hear up for our next national conference on the 11th June plus continue with our machinations to get local take aim sessions to a hospital near you! As Paarul said we've got our next one kindly being organised by our colleagues in Belfast which will run a day before our society of acute medicine national conference on the 4th may. This will give those of you in Northern Ireland a chance to learn more about acute medicine locally, what the training is like, and what the rest of the U.K. is up to too!  

We are also in the process of trying to organise local take AIM sessions in Wales and Scotland plus the other areas of England we haven't made it to yet!  

In addition to all of this (plus our jobs!) we've got many other plans in motion to help raise the profile of acute medicine and get the word out to everyone....so I wasn't lying when I said we were busy little bees!  

Watch this space people

bzzzzzzzz! 😀