Long train journeys and exciting plans for the future...

Hallo again!  

It's been a while since any of us blogged on here (not that we have a huge readership as yet!) but we have been beavering away in the background... 

Today the take AIM fellows met up to finalise our plans for our up and coming conference on 11th June in Birmingham (coming together nicely if I say so myself!) And to put some plans together for the future.. 

Its exciting, if a little mind boggling, when we think of what we have managed to achieve since August last year and how much further we still have to go with expanding our message across the UK. I'm not sure many of you know but this project has really only been planned for a 12 month period. Where we take it from here is the exciting bit...so much potential!  

Focusing on the present though the week starting the 11th June (yes I know that's a Saturday and you don't normally start the week with that, but why not?!) marks the start of an acute medicine themed week across the country.  

Our 2nd take AIM conference is on the 11th, this is followed by acute medicine awareness day on the 14th, followed by our Welsh take AIM session on the 15th, followed by (if you aren't exhausted by now!) our all important society of acute medicine benchmarking audit (snappily nicknamed SAMBA and therefore should entail at least a little bit on dancing on the day in my opinion!) on the 16th that acute medicine units take part in across the whole of the U.K!  

Told you we'd been busy!  

If you haven't already signed up to our conference on the 11th what are you doing?! Get on board! And if are interested in any of these events just ask us or your local,friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man....wait sorry, wrong gimic....your local friendly neighbourhood acute medic! There are plenty of us around you know.... 

look forward to seeing you all in Birmingham! Zoe